General advisory for workplace measures in response to COVID-19 situation in Singapore


Updated as of 1st August 2020

Measures for Employees and Workplaces 

  1. ​As advised by MOH,​​​ we will conduct health check & temperature taking of all our staffs at least twice a day.​​ and check for respiratory symptoms. Employees are also encouraged to observe good personal hygiene, e.g. wash their hands regularly and refrain from touching their face. Any employee who is unwell should leave the workplace immediately and consult a doctor.

  2. Safe Distancing between to be adhere at all times.

  3. Any staff /visitors who is sick will not be allowed to enter the premises.

  4. All staff or visitors would need to declare names & contact no for contract tracing.

  5. Travel advisory in line with the advisory from the authorities, and implementation of travel declarations and leave of absence for our staffs. 

  6. Hand sanitisers provided at common areas. & catering events.

  7. Staff to wear facemasks & gloves when handling all food items.

  8. We will step up the cleaniness of our premises and  increase the frequency of cleaning commonly used areas & , sanitizing food preparation areas & delivery vehicles.

  9. We will adhere to all of MOM requirements for Leave of Absence (LOA) & Home Quarantine if required.



As we fully understand the uncertainty & situation currently due to COVID-19, we will allow cancellations to be confirmed 4 days in advance without any penalty,

For wedding couples who placed bookings in advance for their church weddings , all deposits will be returned if they wish to cancel their events but we require 2 weeks notice. However, we need to deduct $107 as a form of administrative & food tasting fee from the deposit paid.


Postponement of weddings to available dates for the Year 2021 are allowed if you want us to hold on to your deposits paid.


For wedding couples who still wishes to carry on with their weddings (but on a smaller scale) they can use their deposits paid for buffet reception to change to Mini Buffets, Bentos sets, Care packs & Home Meals for their guests. See our online menus.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

We wish everyone good health. Together, we can overcome!