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Corporate Seminar Packages

Seminar  Packages MENU 1

$30 per pax  (Min 30pax) ($32.10 w GST)

Morning Tea

Freshly Baked Mini Butter Croissant (Tuna w Fresh Shrimp Salad/& /Cheddar & Tomato (Veg))

Freshly Home Baked  Field Mushroom Ragout & Spinach Quiche  (Veg)

Chipolata Sausage, Caramelised Onion

Freshly Brewed Coffee & Tea



Mix Greens Mesclun  Salad w Dried Cranberries  & Candied Almond (Veg)

Garlic & Herb Butter Rub Roasted Chicken, Field Mushroom Creme

Home Baked Shepherd’s Pie (Minced Black Pepper Beef)

Parmesan & Almond Flakes Crumbled Fish Fillet, Lemon, Tartar Dip

Oven Roasted Vegetable  flavoured w Italian Herbs (Veg) (Pumpkin, Baby Asparagus, Mix Pepper, Honey & Garlic Grazed Carrot, Eggplant, Zucchini, Swiss Mushrooms)

Home-made Chicken w Cheddar Cheese Meatballs

Penna Pasta Arrabbiata (Veg)

Deluxe Fresh Fruit Platter (Veg)

Refreshing Lemonade


Afternoon Tea

Vanilla Milk Custard Mix Fresh Berries Tartlets (Veg)

Potato & Onion Curry Samosa (Veg)

Freshly Brewed Coffee & Tea



Seminar  Packages MENU 2

$30 per pax  (Min 30pax) ($32.10 w GST)

Morning Tea

Oven Fresh Mix Fresh Berries Milk Custard Danish w Apricot Glaze (Veg)

Freshly Home Baked Mini Broccoli Quiche (Veg)

Steamed Chicken Siew Mai, Chilli Dipping Sauce

Freshly Brewed Coffee & Tea



Homemade Cocktail Prawn & Waterchestnut Roll,  Garlic Chilli Sauce

Poached  Chicken served w Homemade Superior Soya Sauce

Tofu w  Seafood in Chilli Crab Sauce

Shanghai Baby Pak Choy w Fresh Mushroom Trio (Veg)

Curry of Fresh Mackerel Fish Fillet w Eggplants, Okra, Tomato Wedges

Wok-fried Hokkien Prawn Mee, Sambal Chilli

Egg  Fried Rice w Baby French Beans (Veg)

Ice Jelly w  Fruit  Cocktail, Logan, Fresh Lime (Veg)

Refreshing  Waterchestnut Drink


Afternoon Tea

Freshly Homemade  Banana Spring Roll dusted w Confectionery Sugar (Veg)

Red Velvet w Cream Cheese Frosting (Veg)

Freshly Brewed Coffee & Tea




Seminar  Packages MENU 3

 $30 per pax (Min 30 pax) ($32.10 w GST)


Morning Tea

Assorted  Finger Sandwiches (Tuna & Fresh Shrimps Salad, Creamy Egg Mayo w Japanese Cucumber (Veg))

Freshly Baked Mini Chocolate Croissants (Veg)

Freshly Home Baked Banana Muffin (Veg)

Freshly Brewed Coffee & Tea


Salad Gado Gado (Veg) (Cabbage & Baby French Beans, Amping Crackers, HardBoiled Eggs, Pineapple, Peanut Dressing)

Char Grilled Satay served w Condiments & Peanut Sauce

Chicken Kapitan  (Penang Style Nonya Curry Chicken)

Home Style Fresh Mackerel Fish Nonya Otak

Nonya Chap Chye (Veg)

Home style Sambal Chilli Bee Hoon w Fresh Shrimps & Crispy Anchovies topping

Steamed Butterfly Pea Rice flavoured w Lemon Grass & Spices (Veg)

Honey Melon w Sago in Fresh Coconut Cream

Ice Lemon Tea


Afternoon Tea

Homemade Nonya Ondeh Ondeh (Veg)

Petite Chocolate Éclair (Veg)

Freshly Brewed Coffee & Tea




 Seminar  Packages MENU 4 

$30 per pax (30pax)  ($32.10 w GST)


Morning Tea

Steamed Salted Egg Custard Lava Pau (Veg)

Steamed  Prawn Dumpling (Har Kow)

Pan-fried Carrot Cake w Fresh Shrimps, Eggs, Crispy Anchovies

Freshly Brewed Coffee & Tea



Thai Green Papaya Salad w Toasted Nuts (Som Tum) (Veg)

Homemade  Thai Prawn Cake, Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

Tofu w Thai Basil Chicken

Thai Green Curry Chicken flavoured w Sweet Basil   

Thai Baby Kai Lan w  Fresh Mushroom Trio (Veg)

Tom Yam  Bee Hoon w Fresh Selection of Seafood (Fresh Ocean Prawns , Mussels, Squid)

Home Style Pineapple Fried Rice (Veg)

Thai Red Ruby in Fresh Coconut Cream (Veg)

Home Brewed Thai Milk Tea (Cold)


Afternoon Tea

Freshly Baked Mini Chicken Curry Puff

Classic New York Cheese Cake (Veg)

Freshly Brewed Coffee & Tea


Seminar  Packages MENU 5

$30 per pax (30pax) ($32.10 w GST)


Morning Tea

Freshly Baked Mini Sultana Croissants (Veg)

Smoked Chicken Ham, Mini Foccacia Sandwiches

Freshly Home Baked  Spinach & Red Pepper Frittata  (Veg)

Freshly Brewed Coffee & Tea



Mexican Taco Salad  ( Veg )

Chicken Cordon Bleu,  Pineapple Salsa

Chipolata Sausage, Caramelized Onion

Pan-Seared Fish Fillet w Lemon Butter

Cauliflower & Broccoli Au Gratin (Veg)

Beef Rendang Istimewa flavoured w Kaffir Lime Leaves

Spaghetti Aglio Olio w Sauteed  Field Mushrooms (Veg)

Deluxe Fresh Fruit Platter

Refreshing Lemonade

Afternoon Tea

Freshly Home Baked Mini Hawaiian Pizza 

Petite Lemon Meringue Tarts ( Veg)

Freshly Brewed Coffee & Tea



All Buffet comes with a Complete Buffet Line Set-Up w
Professionally Skirted Tables (Maroon, Ivory or Black Colour)

*Food Warmers & Serving Equipments*

Simple Silk  flower arrangement

* Full set of Bio-degradable disposable wares*

* 7% GST.

Transportation - $90 per day (3 events) ($96.30 w GST)

Transportation - $60 per day (2 events) (64.20 w GST)


*(Veg) Vegetarian Items may contain dairy & egg by products.


*The above menu is only applicable for seminar events.

Additional morning surcharge of $60 ($64.20 w GST) for event that required to be set-up before 9.00 am.


$30 per pax ( Min 30pax) ($32.10 w GST)

$35 per pax ( Min 25pax) ($37.45 w GST)

$38 per pax (Min 20 pax) * items will be subjected to changes ($40.66 w GST)


½ day seminar (Either Morning Tea & Lunch or Lunch & Afternoon Tea)

$26 per pax (Min 30 pax) ($27.82 w GST)

$30 per pax (Min 25 pax) ($32.10 w GST)