Our Menus

Lunch & Dinner
$13.00 Lunch/Dinner Menu A (Min. 40 pax)
$13.00 Lunch/Dinner Menu B (Min. 40 pax)
$16.00 Lunch/Dinner Menu C (Min. 30 pax)
$16.00 Lunch/Dinner Menu D (Min. 30 pax)

Breakfast & Tea Reception
$12.00 Breakfast  Menu E (Min. 30 pax)
$10.00 Tea  Menu F (Min. 40 pax)
$12.00 Tea Menu G (Min. 30 pax)

*Additional Transport charge of
$40-$50 (CBD, Orchard, Offshore
& Special menu) applies for all

Set Up location if not access by lifts
will incur a extra charge of

If ordering 2 different menus but
same time & location, transport
charge still applies for each event.
Our Menus
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